Laboratoire nomade is an innovative and itinerant laboratory for cultural experimentation. A moving platform that aims at creating a map of the present time connecting our continent with the ‘worlds of culture’ that populate it, with the new identities that are reflected in it, with the process of encounter and exchange that draw its territories and margins.
Europe is living today all the opportunities and contradictions given by the proximity to several generations of Africans.
Africa who lives in Europe will be the main theme of the project, that will explore and consolidate new musical languages that produce shared models of valorization of cultural diversities and creative development of new forms of meeting in the European territory.
As on a traveling platform, the artists invited will work on the creation of ‘open’ productions and on the development of shared modalities of expression.
Crossings, crossbreeding, fusions of the Africa “inside” Europe will be worked out through residencies where artists will participate in a research work on a re-formulation of tradition and on an experimentation of languages of synthesis between the realities and the visions that make up contemporary Europe. These productions will be presented in a series of concerts within festivals and European spaces together with thematic workshops and meetings.
The development of new looks and languages will promote new forms of cohabitation in the European continent. The activities of the project will propose models of creation, production and dissemination that will offer inductive paths for a non-exclusive definition of the differences, for a centralizations of the borders of the continent and for an integration of the European citizens, old or new, within processes of cultural and identity renewal.

This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

photo by Antonio Viscido (Florence, 21/07/2012)

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